How to advertise on our platform

The explosion of digital technologies has offered advertisers/marketers more innovative and powerful new ways to connect with audiences than ever before. But with so many different marketing channels to choose from, coupled with pressure to deliver results on constrained budgets, deciding exactly where and how to allocate your advertising budget can be enough to give anyone a headache. With proven record, we can drive good quality audiences to marketer’s product to help client’s growth. This is the right place where you can Build Brand Awareness and Performance Marketing.

Our platform support a variety of format including Native/Banner/Videos. All apps on our platform apply to fixed CPM pricing policy only, it varies from deferent time period during a day. To promote campaigns with us, Advertisers can choose either integrate with our SDK or sending ads creatives to your account manager. Normally, advertisers integrate with our SDK, it’s easy to start and low maintenance, our customer center will provide technical support and documentations for the integration. No matter which way you choose, we need you to integrate our SKAdNetwork info into your app/platform for attribution. We support both of iOS and android platforms. Most of the marketers choose to connect with us via SDK. In the meanwhile, we account management team is ready to provide service for the clients who can’t work with SDK, by taking a few easy steps on our in-house dashboardm, our account manager can help you upload the materials and start to run ads on our platform.

The creatives provided by the marketers are served for ad impression, videos and banners are delivered by CDN system without latency. Our SDK will allow our partners to collect ads impression and click, in this case marketers would be able to have full insight of the advertisement to achieve better performance or ROI.