A predictive mobile marketing company that uses artificial intelligence to empower marketers to anticipate people’s need for products and services. JINGLE MOBI was founded in March 2015 with a vision of Navigating your mobile market through big data and artificial intelligence.



By optimizing programmatic marketing decisions across channels, devices, and objectives for agencies and marketers. The result is and will always be a more efficient use of marketing dollars for a greater ROI. A few years ago, marketing to moments was an exciting vision. With JINGLEMOBI, it’s now a reality. With the vision, we are serving customers of Gaming, Utility, online shopping and travel from more than 100 countries.

JINGLEMOBI intelligent advertising platform, collecting, shuffling and tagging massive data across platforms,  driven by data, running with data, JINGLEMOBI intelligent advertising platform is composed of three core engines to meet customers’ satisfaction in AI era:

  • Data Management Platform
  • Ad Optimization Engine
  • Traffic Steering Engine